Rebuilding Our Community

Reliant was conceived in October of 2014 while Pastor Bill & Kim were on

vacation in Florida. In early 2015, 25 people formed a core group with the
intent of life-changing discipleship. A lot has happened since then.

Reliant was welcomed with open arms from many of the churches in the community and became vital partners in this movement of the Lord with 3 sending churches, Lifebridge, 3 Taverns, and Fellowship.

Reliant opened it’s doors with 67 regular attenders in CK Dance works in North Dallas. Many Pastors from the area came to encourage the people.

The Lord has grown Reliant through many salvations, baptisms, and personal discipleship, causing us to look for new facilities and a place to call home.

Now, 2 years later, God has provided a community for Reliant to call home in
South Dallas. The parking lot and building were completely full the first day we
moved in. The movement of God is bigger than our current facility.