Discipleship Groups

Every Church has something that God has called them to do. Here at Reliant our calling is to make disciples for the Lord (Matthew 28:18-20). We take this command very seriously and offer a personal discipleship experience that will undoubtedly change the course of your life. 

If you have ever wanted to dive deeper into your relationship with Christ while learning the basics of Christianity, Discipleship Groups is the place to be. The groups are broken up into men and women groups for better interaction, accountability, and support. The groups last for 1 year and cover the workbooks "180°" and "Experiencing God as well as assigned reading. The cost is just the purchase of the books. There is no obligation to come to Group Launch so sign up today. 

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Current Discipleship Oportunities

Reliant offers different discipleship opportunities for all kinds of people on all different levels of ministry.  The bread and butter for everyone is the 180° process which is the place everyone should start on their spiritual journey. 

  • 180° Discipleship

    Course Discription: 180 covers all the fundamental truths needed to live a successful Christian life such as your relationship with God, the tools of ministry, and the heartbeat of God's vision. 

    Commitment:  Meeting with a small group once a week determined by each group.  There is no set time for the 180 process.  Everyone grows at a different speed and rate.  The object is not completion but real life transformation. This is somewhat in the hands of the disciple and the work of the Holy Spirit. 

    Location:  Determined by each group.

    Cost:  $10.00 for a 180 notebook. 

    Prerequisites:  180 is an entry level course in which all are welcome to participate.  There are no prerequisites for this course. 

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  • Experiencing God

    Course Description: Experiencing God covers the seven realities that lead to a life of faith and recognizing God at work all around you.  

    Commitment:  Meeting with a small group once a week determined by each group.  E.G. is a semester course that runs from August to December. 

    Location: 98 Jessica Lane, Dallas, GA. 3057

    Cost:  $15.00 for a Experiencing God workbook.

    Prerequisites:  To join an E.G. group it is highly recommended that you complete 180 with a personal mentor. 

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  • Diving Deeper

    Course Description: Diving Deeper covers a wide variety of topics that will help the average Bible student gain the necessary understanding and tools for a lifelong Bible discovery and meaning. 

    Commitment:  Diving Deeper is a come and go class with no commitment. So, bring a friend and enjoy.  

    Location: Reliant in the fellowship hall.

    Cost:  No cost.

    Prerequisites:  Any and all are welcome to attend. 

180° Assessments

Throughout the personal discipleship process there are check points in the form of assessments

that are completed by the student.  

This is to ensure a quality discipleship experience for all disciples. 

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