Children's Minsitry

Reliant Kids Vision Statement:

As partners with parents we will teach the Word of God with Excellence through a structured environment to lead children to faith in Jesus Christ as the foundation of their continued spiritual growth.

From infants to 5th grade our trained and equipped teaching team are committed to providing structure, safety and the teaching of God's word. We believe children of all ages are capable of learning the bible. Singing is a great way to teach a child the principles being taught. This will begin in the nursery level as the infants hear bible songs played and as they are sung to. If a child can talk, they can memorize scripture. As the children promote into the Toddler Class, they will continue with singing bible songs but they will be taught to memorize scripture as well. The level of teaching will increase with each class promotion.  

Infant -2yrs

2's and 3's

4's and 5's

1st - 2nd


We know that we are just a partner with the parents in the training of children when it comes to learning about God, His Word and His Son Jesus Christ. Each week there will be an age appropriate lesson taught with discussion. A memory verse and activity to reinforce the lesson will be sent home. This is where the partnership between teacher and parent makes all the difference in the child's learning. We encourage the parents to be active in helping their child learn the memory verses and discuss the weeks lesson at home throughout the week.

Learning the bible and learning who God is should be fun. Reliant Kids will use games and activities to help illustrate bible principles so the children can better learn how to make these truths part of their lives.

We will love and care for each child who attends Reliant Kids with the Love of Jesus Christ.